Ghrp-6 Came With Bac Water & Sodium Chloride

  1. Ghrp-6 Came With Bac Water & Sodium Chloride

    My Ghrp-6 Came With Bac Water & Sodium Chloride
    Which do I Reconstitute it with
    thank s

  2. Use BW to reconstitute. The BA in the BW will sterilize possible pathogens/bacteria in the vial, unlike NaCl or sterile water...
    Not saying the peptides are not sterile, just safer with product that is not guranteed from a pharma, or comparable sterile environment.

  3. after reconstituting ghrp-6 how long will it last in the Fridge
    between sodium chloride and Bac Water
    Will they both have the same Storage Life ?
    thank You

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