1. Hexaghen?

    Anybody have any experience with or thoughts on Hexaghen by MuscleMeds? Not sure about the ingredients and the bioavailability of their 'Fastsorb' tablets.


  2. I'll be interested to see what datBtrue says. I know GHRP-2 can be taken orally, but it takes MUCH MUCH more for it to be effective that way. Of course, with the prop blend you'll never know how much you're taking but the fact that the total solution only has two compounds and it adds up to 12mg means its prob more than you would take if it were to be injected, so it's a little promising. However, I think it's basically underdosed but I don't even know what the first compound is.

  3. Not worht it. You could spend that much on GHRP-6 and get about 20mgs or more pending what lab you buy from. And a pinned dose is only 200-300mcgs 2-3 x a day.

    Most oral GH increases or releasers are hog wash. The compounds are not very bioavailable.
    Natty supps you could try are great though, im a huge fan for them on a little GH support/release.
    GABA(one of my FAVS!!)
    L-Dopa - just now started using.

    Cocktails pre mixes- SomnidrenGH(loved it) i think there are a few others...

    good luck.

  4. Thanks for the input. Got a box for free I'll let you know how it goes.

  5. updates please!!!

  6. I'm just about done with my bottles of Prime and powerFULL and I can't believe how good it worked just as the product said. I was on my way to get a bottle more of each and also a bottle of the Anabolic Pump to stack them. Heard that these three combined would do me well.

    With a somewhat educated impluse I left with a box of this "Hexaghen and Arimatest" and I wanted to know if anyone knew something, anything about these products and how they might compare to the Asteroid stack.

    Please let me know.

    Much Mahalos


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