help with reconstituting hgh with bac water

  1. help with reconstituting hgh with bac water

    Hello i am about to start my first gh cycle and need some info on mixing. I will be using bac water. A link would be fine. My dosage will be 4iu per day, 5 on 2 off. Along with:

    lr3 30mcg per day post wo
    clen 20mcg : 2 weeks 2 weeks off
    d-bol for one month
    equi for 12 weeks 400mg per week
    proviron 12 weeks

  2. Be sure to let the water drip down the sides of the bottle. Don't spray it directly at the powder. Then gently roll the bottle between your hands. DO NOT SHAKE!

  3. Assuming you have 10ius of hgh per vial then==

    knowing 1ml of BW = 100ius of BW

    add 1ml of BW to each vial =

    10ius gh/1ml BW =

    10ius gh/ 100ius BW =

    1iu gh / 10ius BW

    SO...for 4ius gh = 40ius of the gh/BW solution


  4. add 1ml of bac water to the vial. the point to dribbling along the sides is to not damage the AA chain that is binded. Same applies to administration. Injection should be slow and under the first layer of skin thus the pinching method sub-q.

    Each 1ml added to a vial should yeild 10iu's. Each 10 spot on an insulin pin should give you 1iu.

  5. LMR

    good to see you bro.


  6. good seeing you too bb long time bro
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    good to see you bro.



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