Blue tops

  1. Blue tops

    Anyone hear of Mary Zhang Industries blue tops? If so, what's the word on them?

  2. Be careful bro lots of scammers in china right now.


  3. Quote Originally Posted by babyblu View Post
    Be careful bro lots of scammers in china right now.

    Yeah, that seems to be the word on the streets. I was just hoping someone here has used/heard something on these.

  4. I have a reliable source I been using. PM me.

  5. yes be careful... I wouldnt try any new sources at this point unless they have great refrences. Im actually new to anabolic minds, I usually hang on abb and e-steroids. If you need any advice or opinions just pm me.

  6. Careful boyz.....this is not a source forum. Read the rules just so you don't accidentally cross the line and get ban.



  7. not here for sources, just tryna help out. sorry for the confusion


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