Advice on HGH for first timer

  1. Question Advice on HGH for first timer

    Was wondering if anyone has used HGH Fragment 176-191? Now I still have a lot to learn on this and am not in a hurry so if anyone has any advice I would appreciate it very much. Has anyone seen any muscle growth with this or just mainly fat loss?

    I was reading HGH is better taken sub q shot in the stomach. Now will I still see the effects throughout the rest of my body or just mainly around the stomach since that's where it was injected?

    Also between sterile water and bacteriostic water which is more recommended? I wanted to start out slow and was wondering if any of you had a beginner cycle that you could recommend? Last question, how much can I expect to spend for a 2 month cycle?


  2. I know that HGH Fragment 176-191 is for fat loss. I have never used HGH before so somebody else will be able to help you there.

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