Bookending IGF with AA or prohormones

  1. Bookending IGF with AA or prohormones

    I am getting close to another cycle of Phera or SD and did IGF in my PCT last cycle. Now that I know how and when to do the injections I want to start before a cycle then run it PCT as well. I was thinking of a 3-4 week cycle of SD but when would I want to start my IGF for best results? I was thinking a week or so before then run for a total of three weeks, then be off for two then run again in PCT. So does anyone have a tip for me? My other thought was two weeks before cycle with two weeks during then off for two weeks then back on. Any help would be appreciated.

  2. I would start the igf two weeks before the SD, an then run it about a week and a half into the cycle. Then starit up again about a week into PCT. This should give a a sufficient break in between the two igf cycles.

  3. Thanks thats what I was looking for.

  4. Yea I would do something similar. Give yourself like a 2-3 week break from it. If you are doing a 4 week cycle of SD I would even run it 2 weeks into that cycle then take 2 off then run it again in PCT.

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