EPI help frist time taking it

  1. EPI help frist time taking it

    I am new to Epistan I have only 2 questions that I can never find help for. First off im not looking to make massif gain just looking for a little gain but also loose some stubeen body fat. First question I would like to do a pulse cycle every other day 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. Taking epi before an after work out.

    1st week
    M 10mg
    W 20mg
    Fri 30mg

    2nd week

    3rd an 4th week

    5th an 6th week
    Same as first 2 weeks

    7th an 8th week
    pct if I need to take them.

    2nd question by taken such a low dosage of epi and spreading it out like I am will I have to take any pct an if so when is the best time to take them during my cycle an what do you recommend for pct.

  2. 1. Sorry what's the first question?

    If you are doing a pulse you most likely would want to just go

    M: 10mg
    W: 20mg
    F: 20mg

    M: 20mg
    W: 20mg
    F: 20mg

    next set of two weeks just go with 30mg and keep it there

    I would have an AI and test booster on hand such as Formestane / 6oxo and PCS etc

    See my Epistane FAQ for more details.

  3. Sorry Neoborn the first question is am i going to see results with that low or a dosage an should i take the pcs on my weeks off or at the end of the cycle.

  4. Neo -- I see that you're recommending form as his AI...do you know where you can get it? I've been searhing for months with 0 luck.

  5. Fedex is so good to me work up this morning and my bottle of Epistane was on my door step.



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