Epistane Dosing Question

  1. Epistane Dosing Question

    I am a 24 yr. old with plenty of PH experience. I am currently in my 3rd week of Epistane and I am running it at 40 mg/day.

    I am 6 ft & 200lbs.

    I originally planned on running 40mg for 4-5 weeks. However, I was recently considering bumping up the dosage to 50 mg/day for the remainder.

    I have been getting decent results with the 40mg/day thus far, but was hoping for a bit more. I haven't experienced any side effects whatsoever. Therefore, I figured it may be worth it.

    I definitely want to hear some feedback before I do anything impulsively.

    I would appreciate some advice from experienced Epistane & PH users.

    Also, in case you're wondering, I have all my PCT ready to rock 'n roll. And yes, I am using a SERM in my PCT.

    Thanks fellas!!!

  2. Many people have done it but obviously for safety reasons I don't want to condone anything. There are quite a few logs on AM that speak of it and people were getting some phenomenal gains with that dosage. I have never gone about 40mg, it seemed as though 20/30/30/40 was perfect for me.

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