Bad Batch?

  1. Bad Batch?

    I bought a bottle of Epistane (with the black cap) about 10 months ago and planned to run a cycle of it, with supporting sups and PCT, but due to a recent move plans got put on hold. A few months back i heard there was a bad batch, and the bottles affected were the ones with the black cap. Any truth to this? and if so the lot number is PX-175 (found on teh bottom of the bottle). Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Haven't seen many recent posts talking about the 'black caps', guess some things will never die.

    Seriously though, everyone seemed to have an opinion about the 'black caps', some more extreme than others and some less informed than others.

    Ultimately, you need to decide what you are going to believe.

  3. He means black caps as in black twist top, not capsules. There was never a "bad batch". The "bad batch" that people were referring to was merely a switch from one percentage of alpha:beta isomer ratio to another. With the improper testing methods being used (gas chromatography to be exact) we switched because when tested the results appear more favorable and the compound is not discredited.

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