1. Oratropin

    Is Oratropin completely gone?

  2. Yup.. :-( The company wont make the delivery system anymore.
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  3. Yeah it sucks, they sort of pulled the tropins and Neurobalance out from under us unfortunately. Neuro was my favorite, but we have a ridiculous number of people requesting Oratropin. We don't own the patent though so there really isn't anything we can do.

  4. Wow that's gay i loved that stuff

  5. this is truly sad - I was really looking forward to another round of Hexatropin (LOVE that stuff!)

  6. Argh.. after all the good stuff I heard about oratropin (relieving joint pain especially!!) I come to find that oratropin doesn't even exist. Wish I knew about this back a few years ago!

  7. Yeah this was back in the day.
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