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  1. Clear your PM box sanchezgreg18, I cant reply to you, so I posted here so you would see I tried to respond:

    Quote Originally Posted by sanchezgreg18
    titanium looks interesting i can incorporate it into my PCT ill be buying boladrol anyways . so thanks I appreciate you being a man of your word.

    No problem, I told you I would take care of you, even though its totally not my fault, Im sorry if anybody else gave you bad information, but I have been honest with you from the gate, and I have conveyed everything I was being told, so Ive been as disappointed as you with the whole thing. I will get that out to you asap, I just got into a car accident, car is totaled, so no car right now, so dont start looking for it until next week, I will not be able to get out to ship it until then.
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  2. I have enjoyed working with IBE over the years.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by IBE View Post
    The rumors about IBE getting out of the PH business are true.....we have sold our company and are getting out of everything, actually.
    I know this is going to be confusing to a lot of people, because of our new announcement about Boladrol. We have been talking to PHF Supplements who has wanted to buy us out for a while. They wanted Epistane, Boladrol and the 2 other prohormones that we were working on coming out with next month. We have a lot of reasons for selling our company, but we were still holding on until PHF Supplements set a price that it was worth it to us. Me and my wife have other ventures to go onto and the supplement industry is just not the same anymore. PHs are on the way out, but that is another story.

    On a side note..........we will be posting a whole new thread about the reasons we feel that PHs are on the way out, about how a lot of supplement companies are still going wrong about trying to market PHs and which are the main reasons we wanted to get out of PHs to begin with. It is getting late, but tomorrow we will have a lot more to explain, so stay tuned.
    sooooooooo? what ever happened to "tomorrow we will have alot more to explain in a new thread so stay tuned " or , did I miss something?
    for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come 1 Tim 4:8

  4. Quote Originally Posted by james122 View Post
    sooooooooo? what ever happened to "tomorrow we will have alot more to explain in a new thread so stay tuned " or , did I miss something?
    PHF bought out IBE and they're continuing the entire IBE line as well as PHF (still no Formex though haha).

    Boladrol is PHF's only PH for now but there are other supplements on their way shortly !

    There are a few Boladrol logs here on AM if you're interested:

    T1's Boladrol Tester Log! Come on in!!

    ryansm takes on Boladrol(UPDATED DAILY)

    Boladrol Log- Bulking the Poopster

    Bassgod's Quest to be the BEST!!!!
    IBE/PHF Boladrol - The Most Potent PH in the World - Available Now!

  5. ...and now this:

    Quote Originally Posted by gib68sg View Post
    Introducing the New Anabolic Trinity
    This is just a little teaser Full Product Write-Ups and Information coming soon!!!

    7-alpha-methylestrene-3,17-dione a.k.a. Mentdione
    Mentabolan is a prohormone that is the dione derivative of 7-methylnortestosterone (MENT). It is known that MENT has fairly poor bioavailability but the prohormone may actually improve this since it would be metabolized to MENT. Mentabolan shows to have a significant anabolic response at doses as low as 10mg.
    Mentabolan shows to have a very high anabolic activity due to its anabolic to androgenic ratio; almost 10 times to that of methyltestosterone. Because this prohormone is not a C-17 alpha alkylated compound there will be little to no liver toxicity and there is a low conversion to estrogen factor.
    LEAD TIME 1-2 weeks Alpha/Beta-Testing

    Estra-4,9,11-triene-3,17-dione a.k.a. Trendione
    The first prohormone that actually converts directly to Trenbolone.
    LEAD TIME 2-3 weeks Alpha/Beta-Testing

    7a,17a -dimethylandrostenediol a.k.a. Boladiol
    Boladrol is the diol version of the steroid Bolasterone. This unique ingredient, 7,17-alpha-dimethyl-androsten-3,17-diol is a powerful prohormone. After ingestion, it converts in the body to a very potent compound. This powerful compound that Boladrol converts to is six times as anabolic and three times and androgenic as methyl-testosterone! Just a few milligrams per day are all you need for EXTREME RESULTS.
    It has progesterone receptor binding affinity -It is much more anabolic AND androgenic than testosterone -Very low doses are needed for maximum effects -It gives results FASTER than any other prohormone.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by stxnas View Post
    This line up is going to put IBE/PHF on top of it's game in the industry

    Patrick Arnold already blogged about these compounds.
    IBE/PHF Boladrol - The Most Potent PH in the World - Available Now!


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