A mini X-lean review

  1. A mini X-lean review

    First off I want to thank AK32408 and everyone at IBE for helping me out with my questions, they are a squared away group of people so again thanks !!!
    So I've been on X-lean for about a week and I gotta say at first I was extremely dissapointed the first two days, I didn't feel any of the cortisol regulating effects ( or I didn't really notice persay but I did feel a tad leaner so I gave it some more time ) The next day I did a split dose of 1 in the morning and 1 pre-wo and here's wear it got interesting. The first thing I noticed was improved vascularity and a slight increase in clarity as well as a loss of puffiness around my face as well as my stomach and chest area, I had to keep pulling up my workout pants because my waist literally felt and looked an inch smaller....I might add to everyone that I used to weight 270lbs and got out of the Marine Corps at 169lbs then I had a tib-fib fracture that ballooned me up back to 235lbs and I'm back down to 205-200 lbs as of this day, my objective is to just get back into combat ready shape, I don't care how big my biceps are ect and I don't like to train for aesthetics or for the beach muscles....the directive is to train with a purpose. So back to the X-lean after having that A.D.D. moment, the effects can be minimally noticeable but it really works great, another thing and this is how I can tell it's working, I will sometimes get a warm sensation in my ankle wear it got broken in two as well as it hurting.....I don't ever get that kind of aggrivation so the only conclusion is that X-lean is doing what it's intended to do and maybe to well, it serves it purpose very well. For anyone who loved Lean Extreme I think X-lean will give it a run for it's money and the price can't be beat.

    Godbless everyone
    Cheers - Ryan

  2. good review brother.
    Athletic Xtreme Team REP

  3. So you used it at 2 caps each day?
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Resolve View Post
    So you used it at 2 caps each day?
    Yes, I have been but I'm gonna go down to 1 just for the fact that the massive reduction in cortisol with 1 cap is enough for me right now, I'm at at the moment noticing slight joint pain as well as some mild aggrivation in the ankle but not enough to flat out say it's uncomfortable, it works bottom line but just be careful with it.

    I would also say to be careful when using X-lean with something like RPM, I'm at 3 caps and it does dry the hell out of my joints as well.....I'm drinking alot of water and the conjunction of two is still drying the hell out of me.

    I'm most likely gonna throw in some Athlytes again just to help with hydration since it works so well.

  5. Thanks for the review! It's good to hear how our product is working for everyone.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by babywifey View Post
    Thanks for the review! It's good to hear how our product is working for everyone.
    Anytime *cough*Bring Formex back*cough*

  7. Quote Originally Posted by ryanp81 View Post
    Anytime *cough*Bring Formex back*cough*
    Could you imagine a Formex/Reverse/X-Lean stack for PCT ?? or just a recomp ??

    But, not a problem with the questions Ryan

    I'm glad you saw good results with it and found your sweet spot with the doses.

    You're right about it not kicking in the first few doses, I noticed that as well ot until day 4 but after that though.. watch out !

    I def. can't wait for Beta-Max to hit the shelves so I can stock up and stack with X-Lean

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  8. Indeed, I still have a few bottles in my stock...Thank goodness.
    Quote Originally Posted by ryanp81 View Post
    Anytime *cough*Bring Formex back*cough*


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