IBE rep. question

  1. IBE rep. question

    I recently purchased a bottle of Formex from The safety seal on the inside of the bottle was broken. I tried contacting several times through e-mail since I couldn't find a customer service phone number on their web site. I have yet to receive a response and am under the impression they're avoiding me. Regardless, I would like to return this bottle for another one. Is this something that an IBE rep. can help me with?

  2. The new Formex that I recieved{white caps} does not have the exterior safety seal that the other IBE products usually have, and as soon as you crack open the bottle it removes the interior safety seal{No way around it}...I had the same concern as you when I recieved my last order from IBE and I Immediately contacted that warehouse and this is what they told me...It's the new capsule company that IBE is using.

    Hope this helps

  3. you can feel confident with TF and IBE as they are both top notch
    Team Orbit

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