Epi cycle review/questions

  1. Epi cycle review/questions

    Hi Everyone, getting ready to start my first cycle of Epi and would like some opinions please. I am a 43 y/o been lifting most of my adult life, but just really serious in the last 3-4 years. I'm 6'1" , 225 lbs at the time. I did one cycle of The One/2nd gear which ended about 5 weeks ago. Results weren't bad, but not phenomenal. Currently just taking lots o'protein, good diet (3250-3500 cals/day clean), milk thistle, COQ-10, fish oil, and Animal Paks. My proposed Epi cycle is as follows:
    Week 1 : Epistane 20/20/30/30/40/40/40
    mg day spread out over 3 doses/day
    Week 2-4 Epistane 40 mg a day
    On cycle supps will be:
    AI Cycle Support 1 scoop/day with protein shake post workout
    USP Labs Super Cissus
    Scivation Sesamin
    fish oil

    PCT would be
    AI Post Cycle Support
    Universal Animal Stak for Test boost

    Please let me know what you think i need to ad/omit
    Any recommendations on time of dosing? I'm up at 5 am and walking thru the gym doors at 6 am. Is it ok to take the Epi pre workout on an empty stomach?

    Thanks in advance for all your input!'

    Jeff Spiker

  2. Looks good man...I would personally add a serm and a cort blocker during PCT but that's just my opinion.

    Epi can be taken with or without a meal...Up to you.

  3. Thanks for the input! Any recommedations on a good cort blocker? And definite on the SERM or just have on standby for any rebound estrogen?

  4. I too have been planning an EPI cycle for a while (just need to find a 8 - 10 week window when I won't be traveling for my job in order to pull the trigger). I plan to use a SERM as a kick-start, and then taper - but that's just me.

    Cort blockers - There are several good ones but I think I'm going to use either Lean Xtreme, or if IBE ever releases it - X Lean.

    Why formadrol? From everything I've read, it's bioavailability isn't that great. Don't want to seem like I'm plugging IBE products (I have zero affiliation), but my research led me to Formex as more efficient for the purpose.

    Good luck.

  5. Certainly not definite as again everyone is different...You may have no problem recovering with using an OTC AI...However If it were me I would run a serm.
    Quote Originally Posted by liquidsilver View Post
    Thanks for the input! Any recommedations on a good cort blocker? And definite on the SERM or just have on standby for any rebound estrogen?



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