ACL Tren Xtreme PCT

  1. ACL Tren Xtreme PCT

    Hey all, looking for some help on dosing protocol for Formex in my PCT. I also have Clomid, and lean FX. My cycle is going to be 6 weeks of tren xtreme at 60/90/90/90/90/90. The PCT dosing for Clomid will be 50/50/50/50. I haven't found enough information on Lean FX dosing because some say to start after pct while some do it straight through.

    Does anyone suggest starting formex before the end of my cycle? Or should I only run it alongside Clomid?

  2. I would suggest running it from the beginning to the end...When running it along side clomid I would suggest it at only 25mgs per day though as high dosages of Formestane have been shown to hinder recovery ever so slightly.

    Also would run b-6 ED as well to help prevent progesterone induced gyno from the Extreme Tren.

  3. spot on m16 yo da man

  4. Sweet thanks, but do you possibly have any advice on the lean fx?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Theipodpeople View Post
    Sweet thanks, but do you possibly have any advice on the lean fx?
    M16 know's his sh*t ! I agree with his dosing protocol for your cycle. Run the Formex low dose throughout the entire duration.

    For the Lean FX dosing question.. hit up the AX guy's. They'll be more than happy to help.

    Good Luck !
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