Epi/Cycle Support spacing...

  1. Epi/Cycle Support spacing...

    How much time should you ideally have in between taking cycle support and dosing epi?
    I've read it somewhat negates the effects(forget which ingredient in cycle support it is exactly..) if you take them in too close of a time period.

  2. You're probably thinking of Milk Thistle. There's been some evidence that it can intefere with bioavailability of PH's, but I don't think it's conclusive. I just recently started taking ~1g of MT just before bed, since my last PH dose is earlier in the day. One thing I unexpectedly have noticed is I'm sleeping like a damn log with that stuff. Not sure if that's a known effect or not, but I haven't slept this well in months!!

  3. hmmm well I plan on taking some cycle support before bed and it has mt in it so hopefully I expercience the same effect

  4. I plan on taking cycle assist (Its an all inone cycle support sup) it says take 2 tabs twice a day, 8-12 hrs apart, so I'm interested in peoples thoughts on this.
    I'm tempted to take it just on off days?

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