epistane & monster pack cycle

  1. epistane & monster pack cycle

    hi i thinking to run epistane and fast action pharma monster pack 4wk cycle..
    anyone tried it before? how you think it will be good bulk stack or no? it will be like epi 20/30/30/40 and 1monster pack per day..
    this week i finishing my 4wk mass fx and 3add cycle,with pretty good gains especially in strength..from next wk I'm gonna do 4wk pct with ax pct and lean fx, after that will run this cycle..
    any advise please welcome..

  2. Not a good idea...Monster Pack if I'm not mistaken has a one methylated steroid in it already {superdrol} and Tren Xtreme in it as well...adding Epistane which is another methylated compound is not a good idea at all...IMO I would just use Epistane....Or possibly Epi and Tren Extreme. Which is one nonmethyl and a methylated compound.

  3. i will risk to take 2 methylated,because epistane is mild toxic on liver,and i sot many other products where is even 3 methylated compounds..
    also i will take ai cycle support on cycle and on pct..
    how you think enought formex and ai cycle support for the my pct?

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