Epistane Cycle Dosage Variation

  1. Epistane Cycle Dosage Variation

    I just started a cycle of Epistane, and today is my first day at 40mgs, which I was planning on running the whole cycle. I was just wondering if, in order to extend my cycle some, I could take 40mgs on lifting days and 30 on my off/cardio days. What do you think, worthwhile or not getting the most of my cycle?

  2. well first off how long is your cycle and how many cycles have you done before ?...Also age,weight,diet,goals etc.

  3. Cycle was planning on being 1 bottle's worth, I think at 40mgs that came out to 24 days, with the variation it would be around 28. I've done a few cycles before but it has been about a year since my last one. I am 24 5'9 and about 170 at 9-10%bf. I'm looking to get real lean, hard, strong and increase endurance. I've gotten real into muay thai and I'm trying to cut down as much as I can and maybe even add a few lbs of mass. I will be carb cycling for my diet, following the twin peak article published a few years back. MWF -40mgs will be lifting days and high carb. All other days 30mgs and low or no carb with MMA training or cardio. What do you think?

  4. 4-5 days more is not gonna make a bit of difference....I would stick with 30-40mgs through out...Make sure you pick up some Formex for PCT and have all your support supps.

  5. Cool, that what I was thinking. I'm definetly gonna get some formex. I'm going to follow the outlined PCT you guys posted with formex and clomid. I'm also going to take fenugreek MACA and lean fx to make sure whatever I do stays put.



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