1st Cycle of Epi

  1. 1st Cycle of Epi

    Here's my question:

    I am planning on starting my first cylce of Epi in two weeks. I thinking of the following cylce:

    Week 1- Build to 30 mg
    Week 2- 40 mg
    Week 3- 40 mg

    I am only going to do a 3 week cycle and will be taking cycle support throughout the 3 weeks.

    For PCT:

    I will be taking Nolva, but with the 3 weeks cycle what do you think would be sufficient levels of Nolva to take, also what other products would be good during PCT (Anti Corto?).

    Any help would be greatly appricieated...


  2. That's a pretty mild cycle so here is a PCT I would recommend. I would save the nolva for a more suppressive cycle.

    Weeks-1-2-25mgs per day
    Weeks-2-4-50mgs per day

    I would also recommend DS Lean Extreme as your cort blocker...Or you could try CEL's new supress-C

  3. What if I were to go a 4th week at 40 Mg?

    Would a PCT of

    Formex as you stated above be enough or should I throw in the Nolva? From what I hear it might be hard to stop after the intial three weeks of Epi . Also how vital is an Anti-Corto? Espeically if I am already on Nolva and Formex?

  4. for a 4 week epi cycle I would just stick to Formex and or Nolva. Save some dollars and scartch the anti-cort. The options out there for anti-corts are pretty week anyways, IMO.

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