Poops returned

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  1. Poops returned

    Just wanted to pop in announcing my "return" or should I say Ive finally come to a point in life where I have an internet connection, time and finances to support my preferred "bodybuilder" and online community lifestyle.

    Sorry to any of those who I have left hanging for reviews, if I have LMK so I can make good. Sorry to IBE for slacking in my representative duties. Most importantly sorry to my friends who I may have worried with my unexplained absence and hope all is well still with you guys.

    I should be able to start getting back into the gym soon as well once I get the funds to bring my membership to date so hopefully can turn my now flabby 192 into something more resembling what I looked like last november before the break up with the Ex and losing my place of residence.... and my over consumption of beer in the last couple of months, lol.

    Again just lettin ya'll know Im alive and should be once again frequenting the boards as much as possible and hopefully will be able to be just as helpful as ever and contribute somewhat to others success as well as have the camaraderie of my fellow members to help me through my "re"transformation and life as it comes at me.

    -Spence AKA poops

  2. Welcome back brother.

  3. well.....looky looky......welcome back. good to have such a knowledgeable person back.

  4. welcome back man...Hope everything starts working your way.

  5. Welcome back.

  6. Good to have ya back bud
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  7. Welcome back !

    ..You have a lot of catching up to do

  8. Glad your back!

  9. Welcome back, Poops! Wish you all the best!

  10. What up Poop?

  11. Good to have you back
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  12. Good to see you back broham...I miss last fall when we used to yuck it up the peptide threads...

  13. Glad to see you back, and that you've managed to sort things out

  14. I'm trying to think of something funny about poop returning (maybe something about clogged toilets?) but I got nothin

  15. welcome home.

  16. thanks fellas (n lady) glad to be back for sure.... now just gotta catch up as mentioned and more so catch up in the gym

    its all good this is what I live for... and for once in my life I will have to do a cut!

  17. Welcome back Poopy!

  18. Glad to hear you're getting things back on track! There has been a definite absence of poop around the forum.
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  19. Single life FTW
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  20. LMAO cute. Well in all honesty the wifey has done nothing since but solidify the split so I can definitely look forward now to more single life.... that has both its ups and downs but in all honesty the last thing on my to do list is go out lady hunting... gotta a kid to worry about more then anything. Other then that if something comes along im not one to turn it down

  21. Spence, it's great to hear things are getting better, buddy. Welcome back, and hit a bro up if you need anything.

    Evolutionary Muse - Inspire to Evolve

  22. Who is this poop person now?

    I hope your 192 doesn't look as bad as my 272 coz you in trouble man.

  23. both LOL and YOWZA!!!!

    272!?!? man youve gotten up there! guess its been all out bulk time??? so you still plannin on competing this next fall? when will the shreddin begin?

  24. Quote Originally Posted by poopypants View Post
    both LOL and YOWZA!!!!

    272!?!? man youve gotten up there! guess its been all out bulk time??? so you still plannin on competing this next fall? when will the shreddin begin?
    Nah, there's just something wrong wrong wrong with me bro, I don't eat and I get fat.

    I'm glad to see you're back though.


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