epi..interesting results

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    epi..interesting results

    just wanted to fill you guys in. Half way through week 3 (3rd cycle in 2 years) and am seeing some interesting results.

    running 30/30/40/40/50

    strength gains have been awesome. for example bench: before cycle: 245 5x, yesterday was able to get 275 8x.....

    all this while actually losing 5lbs! started off around 12% BF @ 200lbs, now am down to 195 (not sure of BF). i was on a very lean/clean diet before hand, and kicked up calories by 40-50% for the cycle and am still getting leaner by the day.

    quick Q for you guys. if i dose 50mgs for the last week, should i do 1 pill at breakfast, 3 pre work out, 1 around dinner, or spread them out more evenly?

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    Awesome results...I would do 10mgs every couple hours just to keep it evenly digested.
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