epi to dial in

  1. epi to dial in

    Here goes.

    Looking to run some epi here for 21 days before a trip to mexico. Been dieting and libido is strong. currently running dthc and like a lot. I want to take this epi i have to get harder and dryer. Question, What does should i run it to get results yet maintain libido?. 5'7 185.

    Thanks for any info

  2. thoughts, anyone

  3. how old are you?

  4. 29. 5'7' 185. 6%-8%

  5. make sure you have some cycle support and your PCT in order as well as your diet and youll love it i did

  6. Shutdown is usually Cycle Time + Product Dosages so to stay where you are don't take anything

    But lets first ask some questions what is this non dryness made up of? FAT? Water? Pics?

    To give an honest well put together answer we need details, and lots of em!

    1. What is your diet like?

    2. How many times are you eating a day?

    3. What kind of lifting routine are you performing?

    4. What kind of cardio do you do?

    5. How often do you lift or do cardio a week?

    6. Do you sleep a full 8hrs a night?

    7. How long have you been bodybuilding / working out?

    8. How old are you?

    9. Do you think these pumps bring out the blue in my eyes?


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