Ok i was wondering about this statement. So run an AI like 6 oxo during cycle, but at what dose? A small dose at 100 mg or a larger dose at 300 to 400 mg? Im not pulsing im running it everday at 10 for the first day then 20 for the rest of the week/30/30/40. Also i am running clomid in PCT. I was thinking about dosing it at 75/50/50/25 then tapering it off with 6 oxo at 300/200/100/100.

Q: What is the best cycle method to reduce my gyno?

A: The pulse cycle is really meant for training and not really for Gyno reduction. Dr.D suggests an ED cycle for Gyno reduction. Also add a good quality AI during this cycle as well as E2 estrogen levels may rise on a SERM like Epistane.