epi and massfx

  1. epi and massfx

    im about to sTART a epi cycle with cycle support. i have a bottle of massfx left over, can i use this, and how would i dose. also i only have one bottle of epi, how should i dose this? im not too worried about the fat loss, and ill be keeping the cals high

  2. Standard epistane dosing is fine. A 20/30/30/40 cycle for one bottle is always good. I would use Mass-FX in PCT, as it is non-hormonal
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  3. how do i dose the massfx for pct tho? just follow what the bottle says?

  4. or you could always use mass FX leading up to and into Epistane to optimize natty test levels that will be fairly synergistic with Epistane.... just a thought.

  5. The stack on NP with cycle support and post cycle support, is that a good stack? What about PCT and pulse cycling? I have a buddy about to start cycling, thought I might help him out.

  6. let me say pulse cycling is great and all and has its place BUT if your buddy is about to start cycling then start him off with a standard cycle so he can really feel the compound know how he reacts and not be disappointed.

    I would say that the stack deal on NP is great and all but would make sure that cat has a SERM first over anything else.


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