Question on Epi cycle length

  1. Question on Epi cycle length

    ok, heres the deal. I have been preparing for a non-drug tested powerlifting meet, and have been taking epistane with great success. I decided I would decide on cycle length dependant on sides. The only side I have experienced has been getting bloody noses which was fixed by taking celery seed. I read that people can take it up to 12 weeks, so I am on week 7. I am one week out from my meet and started taking 50mgs a day and yesterday I had the worst headache of my life. This could be due to the CKD that I just started, or some side effect I do not know about. My question is should I just lower dosage to something like 30mgs for the last week, or switch to pct. I am concerned about losing all the strength that I have gained in the last 7 weeks. PCT consists of Tamox, Mass FX and HV2

  2. My own opinion would be to continue taking 30 or 40mg until the meet is over if it isnt drug tested, then start your PCT. BUT, on that note I hope you have been pulsing and not running it straight through.

    As far as the headache goes I would drop the dosage back down to 40 to see if goes away.

    I hope you do well at your meet.

  3. Tough situation. I woud maybe drop the dosage. Normally i would tell a person to start PCT, but dont start PCT before your meet.
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