Stacking X-Force & Lean Extreme?

  1. Stacking X-Force & Lean Extreme?

    Im going to be taking Lean Xtreme and maybe throwing in some napalm, would X-Force stack with this? I was thinking for the enhanced focus and a little kick since lx is a nonstim...

    And if I was to stack them, any recommendations on timing?


  2. X-force would fit in great with this stack just as you presumed.

    pre meals if your looking for most potency and appetite suppression, and after meals if its too strong.

    1-2 caps 1-2 times ED. Start low and work your way up to desired dosing.

    My wife likes 2 in the AM and 1 pm, she likes her stims though so this may be too much for some... may not.

  3. Thanks Man, appreciate the feedback, hopign it works out

  4. Anyone know the caffiene content? I'm thinkign of stacking w/ Recreate but am not sure if it'd be too much, not knowing how much caffeine it contains.

  5. I would personally say do the least amount of anything to achieve your goal. I would always be careful with stacking multiple products, because even though safe individually, multi combo's haven't been tested. Not to freak you out but just to err on the side of caution.

    Try it but ramp up slowly to see if there are any sides you don't like rather than jumping in with both feet and finding out you can't 'get off the ride'


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