Gyno, and don't know why

  1. Gyno, and don't know why

    Hey everyone,
    I had been on 2/day mass fx and 4/day hyperdrolx2 and on the 2nd day I felt my nipples felt weird. I started to lactate slightly and I didn't know what was happening. Well I've discontinued the massfx but i'm still on the hyperdrolx2 but I felt the other day on my left nipple and I had a pea sized hard lump under my nipple. There's no way literally, 4 caps total of mass fx could have done this. I did mess with it some feeling to make sure if I had it or not but I felt it sideways and sure enough, there it is. It only itched maybe twice a day too. My nipples are puffy too, more than ever. It's really upsetting.

    What do you guys think happened? Could it have been earlier gyno from being a kid and it being aggreviated now? I am trying to decide what to do about this lump and puffiness.

    I've been researching it for day after day but want your opinions.

    I could maybe do an Epi cycle like poop's did or maybe pulse it, or maybe start Torem for 4 days ending with some Raloxifene (heard it's great for gyno) or aromasin but not sure why I would need Torem (i don't have shutdown). I've read recently about cabergoline causing leaky heart valves (scary ****) so I would just stick with B6, vitex, for lactating issues. I'm using the hyperdrol x2 now would you decide to stop it when starting something else. There are a few ways to go here but not sure which to follow for this case of gyno. Also, when finishing up a cycle, whats the chances of it all coming back.

    Or could I start with letro at 1mg ED at MAX and taper down and maybe use torem together (Ive seen it in a few cases) but for how long?

    I am confused about why maybe my nipples are acting up and why this lump is there. Maybe continue with HDx2 and have Ibuprofen 200 3 times daily? I have never tried to feel for lumps before but I do have some body fat around my chest area so maybe some of it is from puberty. What do you guys think? I really want this cured, don't care about gains or cuts, Thanks so much!

  2. Duplicate.

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