Lights Out question

  1. Lights Out question

    I'm on my 3rd bottle of lights out 2caps a night before bed. The first 2 bottles worked great and would keep me asleep through the night and wake up refreshed. Now I am back to waking up middle of the night tossing and turning and waking up feeling exhausted. Does Lights Out need to be cycled or should I increase to 3 caps nightly? Thanks for the suggestions

  2. It shouldn't really have to be cycled, however everyone is different. I'd suggest taking 2-4 weeks off, then going back on it
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  3. Thanks Vaughn

  4. Quote Originally Posted by BigEdNJ View Post
    Thanks Vaughn
    Like Vaughn mentioned, cycling off should help. It's always good to cycle your supplements regardless.
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  5. Interested to see how it works when you hop back on!!!

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