heart help on cycle?

  1. heart help on cycle?

    I understand it would be more beneficial post cycle, but what about on cycle?

  2. Actually.. if i had to pick, i'd run it during. Better to always prevent, than treat. But honestly, if you can afford a cycle, you should be able to afford to protect your body during and after.

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  3. yea fig that..Thanx mike

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Eyayo View Post
    yea fig that..Thanx mike

    Anytime bro. My lipids get really screwed on cycle very fast, my last contest prep i wasn't on heart help and my levels were scary. I'm now on 4 daily.

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  5. yea i gotta get bloods to see where i am

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Eyayo View Post
    yea i gotta get bloods to see where i am
    Smart man bro.
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  7. Ya, if I had to choose 1, it would be during, but if I could I'd do during and after.
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