Question about Lights out

  1. Question about Lights out

    Does it work?

    I have horrific sleep, if I dont take ergobolic or melatonin before bed my sleep is subpar.

    Its stress, I know it is, work, school, family, and another deployment tasking coming down, Im so busy all day that when I finally settle down its at night prior to bed and so I start thinking of todays events and tomorrows events lol

    so its melatonin and ergobolic mix. However I cycle off everything and mix it up all that goodness

    For you iForce fans who have taken it, hook me up with some feedback

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  2. You wanna go night night!?!? A LiGHts Out Log

    My non-sponsored log. I ended it early because I didn't feel like posting that I felt the same, great effects every single time.

  3. I logged this product for I force,it worked well for me,both on and off cycle.Always felt well rested no matter how little sleep I managed.
    mack @
    "Revolutionizing Sports Nutrition, One Product At A Time"

  4. Thanks for the feedback everyone.. greatly appreciated!

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  5. Quote Originally Posted by FourInchFury View Post
    Strong Humanotropin ripoff
    Thanks for the support
    iForce Nutrition Representative
    iTrain. iCompete. iDominate…iForce!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by FourInchFury View Post
    Strong Humanotropin ripoff
    LOL ross?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by thedarce
    LOL ross?
    Lmao yesssir
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative


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