Testabolan V2/ Reversitol V2 8 week Run

  1. Testabolan V2/ Reversitol V2 8 week Run

    I am running these 2 products for 8 weeks with blood-work. I have my pre levels checked at 322 on 10/9/2012. Estrogen came in at 81 which was very high. I have never had it above 42. On the 4th week I will get it tested again. On the final day of the cycle I will get it done one more time to see exactly how much my levels were elevated. These will be the only 2 products used besides creatine, fish oil, protein, and multivitamins. I am hoping the test levels rise and the estrogen drops...

    Started on cycle Saturday 10/27

    Results/ Things noticed : On Saturday 11/10 I will have been on this stack for 3 weeks. I have noticed a slight increase in libido and recovery time from the gym seems to be much quicker now. Endurance in the gym is up a bit too!

    I will update the current blood-work once I reach the end of the 4th week. The test takes about 7-10 days to come back.

  2. So sick, and greatly appreciated bro!

    I can't wait to see all the numbers when its all set and done!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

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