Intimidate and SSRI'S

  1. Intimidate and SSRI'S

    I've been on paxil for a few years now and have been on intimidate for a few days and my anxiety has been very much increased. I did a google search and saw a few things that talk about ssri's and nmda receptors but not sure if there is a link or shared pathway. Just curious if anyone understands and possible link or interactions between the two. Thanks! And yes I know that it likely says not to take with ssri's in the blanket warning on the back of all supplements.

  2. Yes, there would be an interaction unfortunately. Significant enhancement of NMDA receptor agonization can increase anxiety in those that are prone to it.
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  3. thanks vaughn! Now Ill just sell it to a friend. Since dose 1 the dreams have been crazy! Is it just NMDA that has this effect or does regular DAA effect those receptors as well. Appreciate the response

  4. NMDA seems to impact very different results for sleep/dreaming than DAA.
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  5. Been stacking intimidate with testabolan v2 for eight days and have had no problems with bad dreams or night mares. No difference in sleep patterns.



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