NEW & REFORMULATED Dexaprine: Forget 1,3.....Ephedra Who?

  1. NEW & REFORMULATED Dexaprine: Forget 1,3.....Ephedra Who?


    How many fat burners have you taken? How many fat burners have you taken that have worked? Well, NutraPlanet is more than proud to be the first to bring you a new, innovative, & EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE fat burner; one that is GUARANTEED TO WORK! Let's just say I personally know the formulators and all the guys at IForce, all TOP NOTCH fellas and brilliant when it comes to putting together a SUPERIOR PRODUCT!

    Yet another EXCLUSIVE SALE OPPORTUNITY for NutraPlanet's notorious promotional line-up, as we proudly introduce IForce's NEW & HIGHLY IMPROVED Dexaprine (60 capsules)! While others have been scrambling around trying to find a "cure" to the 1,3 extinction, trying to find a replacement for the main active in 90% of the effective fat burners on today's market, IForce has been just waiting for the perfect chance to unleash a new phenomenon for effective fat burning; what will soon be a complete paradigm shift for the sports nutrition market!.....The NEW REFORMULATED DEXAPRINE WILL REIGN KING!

    And on a side note, IT'S ON SALE!!! While we do love to brag about our EXTREMELY LOW PRICES, our sale price is TOO LOW TO ADVERTISE! That's right, it would simply result in our supplies being drastically cut short. Therefore, to subside from any troubles, we have "hidden" the price. To find yourself in pure amazement of this RIDICULOUS LOW INTRODUCTORY SALE PRICE for such a SUPERIOR PRODUCT, just simply add the item to your shopping cart.

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    NutraPlanet.....KEEPING IT REAL.

  2. Bump for nutra!


  3. How long will this be around? 2-3 days?

  4. Insane price!!!

  5. sick sale!
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