TurningGreen Review: I-Force Nutrition Vanilla Mint Swirl Protean

  1. First I would like to thank I-Force Nutrition for giving me the opportunity to review this exclusive supplement!

    I figured from the start that this protein would be an instant success...I was correct. All I can say is this stuff is the bomb. In all categories I rate this protein supplement to be among the top I have tried.

    Appearance- 10/10 If the bold packaging is not eye catching enough for you, then perhaps the powder itself will be. From the second you open the lid on the tub you will know this ain't your grandmas protein. The light green powder with tiny green specs is something to behold!! When mixed one ends with a light green protein drink accompanied by those tiny green flecks which I like to refer to as "the mint pieces".

    Solubility- 9/10 I mixed VMS with water using a fork. Using this method the powder was mostly dissolved only leaving a few tiny chunks floating around. This I did not find offensive what so ever. I also mixed VMS using a shaker equipped with a wire ball. The powder was fully integrated and became what I would describe as frothy...awesome!!

    Taste- 10/10 The taste of VMS is simply amazing. Honestly it cant get any better than this. I would say that this is as close to a shamrock shake you can get. The flavor is dead on with the perfect amount of mint flavoring accompanied by a creamy almost buttery vanilla.

    Macro-Nutrients- 8/10
    Personally I like a protein with a very low carb amount. With VMS having 6.5g of carb it is not going to ruin your low carb day, but not an ideal "cutting" protein. On the other hand with 20g of protein it is the perfect end to a hard training session...not to mention only 120 calories.

    In the end, I would say yes go get you some VMS! I will definitely be looking at another tub once this one is gone...it wont be long I fear!

    Thanks again I-Force Nutrition!

  2. Nice review, look for mine soon. Was worried I didn't get a package today, but after 5 when they never ship lo and behold...my long awaited Protean!

  3. awesome review!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  4. Awesome review man, glad you liked! Much appreciated!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  5. VMS is pure win thanks for the review




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