Final Review of Testabolan V2 and Intimadate Stack

  1. Final Review of Testabolan V2 and Intimadate Stack

    Final Review on TestabolanV2 and Intimidate Stack.

    First let me thank Vaughn and all the I force reps. This is a solid company that supports there customers I highly recommend I force.
    Iíll rate the products from 1 thru 10 based on what they are supposed to do and how they affected me personally.
    My initial impressions as I took the products out of the box were professionally sealed and labeled very clearly. The recommended dosage was clearly labeled and the bottles looked sharp. Nothing screams poor quality control more than a bottle with misaligned labels and thatís not the case with I force.


    Increase in free testosterone Ė 9
    Increase in lean body Mass -9
    Increase in anabolism Ė 9
    Decrease in body fat -9
    9ís across the board.

    During my cycle I gained 4 pounds of clean mass. I was able to consistently increase my weights or reps.

    My diet was less than stellar yet my abs remained visible with NO cardio during the 4 weeks. I experienced increased in pumps and vascularity and had some minor episodes of increased aggression.
    I wonít get into numbers on personal lifts because everyone is different. One thing Iím proud of is I got 2 reps of 350 on my squat. I was able to easily incline dumbbell press with 85ís and Iím a small guy. 5í8 175 and 42 years old. I was easily able to do triceps pushdowns with the entire stack.
    I have used the following in the past as far as natty test boosters
    Activate Extreme/Triazole ĖTitanium / Endosurge /TestoPro and this easily is one of the best products I have ever tried.
    Itís so good I have extended my run another 4 weeks. I personally thing all natty test boosters should be run 8 weeks to get the full effects.
    I recommend TestabolanV2 very highly and itís one if not the best product to boost test naturally.


    Enhanced Testosterone levels Ė 9
    Lean Muscle Gains -9
    Quicker recovery -9
    Deeper sleep Ė 5
    I only gave Intimidate a 5 on sleep. Perhaps my weird sleeping schedule was a contributor but I was never really sure as far as how it helped me sleep. Some nights I would sleep like a stone and other nights I would wake up sweating like a hog. That didnít bother me so much as I took that as a sign I was getting a surge of hormones. I think playing with the dose to suit the indivual is key on this supplement.
    Overall I give this stack a 9. I recommend it to anyone looking for gains. I can only speculate what adding an AI to this stack would do. Think REVERSITOL V2 thatís what Iím doing the next 4 weeks.

    Link to 30 day log
    LaSane gets INSANE! With Iforce nutrition INTIMIDATE and Testobolan V2

  2. Thanks for posting your review in here. Much easier to find then reading thru a 10 page log


  3. I aim to please ! Now on to my red velvet cake protean!
    "Strive to seize the initiative in all things"

  4. Sweet man! Glad you liked it! Its nice to see people appreciate things!

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative


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