15 Caplet Bottles of Dexaprine?!?!

  1. 15 Caplet Bottles of Dexaprine?!?!

    iForce Nutrition's NEW Dexaprine: Ultra Concentrated Thermogenic Powerhouse!

    How many fat burners have you taken? How many fat burners have you taken that have worked?

    Product Highlights:

    • Instant Energy Rush!
    • Reduced Appetite & Cravings
    • Euphoric Mood Enhancement!
    • Lasts All Day Long!
    • 2 Month Supply!
    • Only One Pill Per Day!

    All the current fat burners on the market are the same. A little caffeine, a few obscure herbs, and more than likely some fast acting stimulants that give you a quick burst of energy followed by a nasty crash 1-3 hours later.
    If your fat burner stops working after 1-3 hours, how in the heck do you expect it to burn much fat when there is another 21-23 hours left in a day when that it's doing nothing?!?!
    In order to burn the maximum amount of fat, we need to increase our energy and thermogenic output ALL DAY LONG, not just for a few hours each day. The key to prolonged and sustained fat loss is to maximize the half-life of the product. The half-life is a fancy way of saying how long the ingredients in the product will actually exert any effect on you.
    Dexaprine utilizes a specific blend of compounds to insure not only an intense immediate effect, but a sustained and dramatic all day long energy increase that isn't possible with any other fat burners on the market.
    Want to see why you crash from so many other fat burners? Take a look at this graph which shows the half-life of many popular ingredients.
    According to the graph on the above, the longest your fat burner can last you is a measly 4.9 hours! iForce Nutrition knew this was simply unacceptable and refused to release a product that couldn't work as hard during your 8 hour work day as you do! With the overwhelming desire to take a single pill upon waking and be able to feel its awesome powder for the entire day, we knew we had to find something that could not only give you an INSTANT jolt of energy, but have the ability to sustain that feeling from 9-5pm just like you need it to.
    After countless trial runs and in house testing, Dexaprine has become the world's first SUPER-CONCENTRATED Thermogenic Powerhouse capable of lasting longer than any fat burner ever created. Featuring Theophylline, Dexaprine is capable of extending your daily fat burning potential by 160%!
    Lets take another look at that graph with Dexaprines half-life powerhouse:

    As you can see, there is no other product on the market that can hit you as hard, as fast, and last as long as Dexaprine!
    Now what about the other major issue with fat burners available today? All thermogenic fat burners are packed with stimulants that increase our BMR(base metabolic rate) and burn calories indiscriminately... which means you could be losing precious muscle mass with every dose!
    We all know how hard it is to keep our hard earned muscle on a cut, so why doesn't someone invent a product that not only burns calories but actually selectively targets FAT CELLS while leaving muscle cells unharmed?
    Dexaprine features an incredible duo of ingredients capable of just that. Known as “iiodo-thyronines” These powerful agents rapidly increase BMR, thermogenesis, but most importantly greatly increase the presence of uncoupling proteins (UCP's).
    The body has 3 different classes of UCP's, each has a specific purpose and each will help increase your metabolic efficiency and rate of fat loss...not muscle!
    With this massive surge in UCP's your body will be sent into maximum overdrive and will be literally forced to burn as much fat as possible while sparing hard earned muscle mass. Never again will you have to watch your lifts drop lower and lower each week of your cut, never again will you finish a cut and realize you're exactly where you were a year ago, and never again will you have to worry about losing muscle while getting lean!
    Again, There Is No Other Product On The Market That Can Hit You As Hard, As Fast, And Last As Long As Dexaprine!.....Comparatively Speaking, There is NOTHING That "Cuts Its" like Dexaprine!

    So you wanted to try out Dexaprine, but you dont wanna buy a 60 cap bottle? Well dont you worry, 15 cap bottles of Dexaprine will now be available at NutraPlanet!!! Now you can try out Dexaprine for 2 weeks before jumping into a full bottle! Keep an eye on your e-mail's guys, look for special pricing/intro sales from NP!

    iForce Nutrition Online Representative Manager
    iTrain. iCompete. iDominate…iForce!

  2. Sweet deal!

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  3. Cool I've been wanting t give it a shot for awhile now. Is this a NP exclusive or will other retailers have it?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by mw1 View Post
    Cool I've been wanting t give it a shot for awhile now. Is this a NP exclusive or will other retailers have it?
    I believe other retailers as well.

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  5. My friends looking for a new Thermo, gonna have to send him this link and have him look it over.
    "You have to be able to save your own life. Nobody is going to save it for you. So we have to do, what we have to do. No matter what it is" - Kai Greene
    I've lost 140lbs. Come at me, bro!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by WildBill0771 View Post
    My friends looking for a new Thermo, gonna have to send him this link and have him look it over.
    Thanks for the support, def that would be awesome. Dexaprime really hasn't let anyone down from what I've seen so it would be a good shot for him! Is he use to stimulants? If not, make sure he does 1/2 TAB first!

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative


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