iForce's ECDY & Fadogia-500, BOTH BACK IN STOCK!!!

  1. iForce's ECDY & Fadogia-500, BOTH BACK IN STOCK!!!

    As we greatly appreciate everyone's patience, waiting for these two TOP-NOTCH & VERY EFFECTIVE products, NutraPlanet is very happy to announce that both ECDY (90 caps) & Fadogia-500 (90 Capsules) are NOW BACK IN STOCK & READY FOR SHIPMENT!

    And, as if that news wasn't already great enough, NutraPlanet is proud to also announce that these two exclusive products are BOTH ON SALE, BOTH ONLY $18.99, OVER 70% OFF!!! **This AMAZING offer is for a very limited time only!**

    ECDY (Ecdymorph): All Natural Anabolic, Featuring 99% Pure Ecdymorph!
    - ONLY $18.99!!!

    Product Highlights:
    • Dramatically Increase Protein Synthesis!
    • Dramatically Increase Lean Body Mass!
    • Dramatically Increase Anabolism!
    • Dramatically Decrease Body Fat!

    Anabolic...we've all heard that term but what does it really mean? Anabolic simply means “Relating to, characterized by, or promoting a state in which more muscle is being built up than torn down.”. Pretty simple right? Unfortunately, its not! Until very recently, the only way to really jack up your anabolism was to use illegal and dangerous steroids (not the path many of us wish to go down). Thankfully, illegal steroids are no longer your only option!

    Who wouldn't be interested in a natural alternative to steroids, that actually lives up to the hype? Pure Ecdysterone has been tested and compared against some of the most potent illegal steroids known to man. Unlike the myriad of ingredients/products out there that claim steroid like results, Ecdysterone is the only natural compound to conclusively out perform a multitude of steroids, including the insanely potent Dianabol (D-bol). In a landmark study consisting of 78 trained athletes, Ecdysterone was found to illicit the same amount of anabolic activity as Dianabol, however it outperformed Dianabol by activating both fast and slow twitch muscle fibers, while Dianabol was only capable of activating slow twitch muscle fibers! This means comparable anabolism to an illegal steroid, with absolutely ZERO side effects!

    Now, while we all understand that Ecdysterone is one of the (if not the) most anabolic natural compounds available, it is necessary to understand that not all Ecdysterone products are created equally! Throughout it's life as a dietary supplement, Ecdysterone has received a bad rap due to inferior extracts being released onto the market. iForce Nutrition has taken the time and energy necessary to acquire the most impressive Ecdysterone extract ever created EcdyMorph™. What makes EcdyMorph™ different than any other Ecdysterone product on the market?
    >99% Purity: Highest Molecular Crystallization!

    While countless products tout the claim that they are 95% pure Ecdysterone, the fact of the matter is that 95% Ecdysterone is nowhere near as potent as 99% pure EcdyMorph™. iForce Nutrition's ECDY is the world's first PURE Ecdysterone product, featuring 99% pure Ecdymorph! ECDY will allow you to take your training to the next level in less time than ever before. Highly regarded as the most anabolic substance known to man, ECDY will force your body into a muscle building state on the very first dose.

    The secret behind EcdyMorph™'s strength lies in its incredibly high level of molecular crystallization. EcdyMorph™ is the only Ecdysterone that features highly crystallized 20-hydroxyecdysterone. When extracting Ecdysterone, the molecules remain in their natural state until the extract reaches a percentage greater than 95% pure. Past the 95% purity mark, Ecdysterone extracts begin to crystallize at a higher rate of speed which correlates to the purity of the actual extract. So simply stated, an extract of 99% purity will have significantly more crystallization present than in a 98% extract, a 98% extract will have significantly more crystallization present than a 97% extract and so on. These highly crystallized Ecdysterone molecules are what enables ECDY to provide intense anabolic effects, similar to that of the most potent hormones on the planet. Though, unlike those hormones, ECDY is capable of providing every anabolic benefit without the need for Post Cycle Therapy or any anti-estrogenic drugs.

    Stop wasting time and money on inferior extracts and use what has been proven to work. EcdyMorph™ is the ONLY Ecdysterone worth taking!

    Fadogia-500: Pharmaceutical Grade, Natural Anabolic Hormone Activator! - ONLY $18.99!!!

    Product Benefits:
    • Increase Testosterone & Leutinizing Hormone Production!
    • An Increased Sense of Well-Being!
    • Increased Libido and Sex Drive!
    • Increased Muscle Mass, Strength, & Power!
    • Decreased Body Fat!
    • Increased Protein Synthesis!
    • Increase Nitrogen Retention!

    iForce Nutrition's Fadogia-500 features pharmaceutical grade Fadogia Agrestis and 25-R to provide the most intense activation of anabolic hormones your body has ever experienced.

    University studies show that Fadogia Agrestis has the ability to significantly increase testosterone up to six times that of a control group.

    25R, Spirostan-5A-Diol-6-one-3-one, the world's first non-steroidal anabolic agent, was developed by Russian scientists for use by Russian Olympic athletes. 25R has been shown to increase size, strength, and lean body mass.

    Featuring 100% Lab verified pure ingredients, Fadogia-500 will increase anabolic hormones while up-regulating your Androgen Receptors to be primed for INTENSE MUSCLE GROWTH!

    Supplies are extremely limited, so act now before this ultimate anabolic is gone forever!

  2. so when you say gone forever, will fadogia be discontinued after this run?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by zb126 View Post
    so when you say gone forever, will fadogia be discontinued after this run?
    Lets hope not!!!!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  4. Better not.. I really like their Fadogia 500..

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