The Dusty Hanshaw Super Stack!

  1. The Dusty Hanshaw Super Stack!

    The Dusty Hanshaw Super Stack: Fueling the Fire of True Champions!

    What does it take to train like a pro and get massive lean gains while shredding body fat? It takes discipline inside and outside the gym: clean and strict diet, dedication to the weights, adequate rest and recovery, and proper supplementation!

    Ask Dusty Hanshaw about the importance of discipline in all these aspects and he'll admit, there are no shortcuts to results without putting in the hard work! Dusty Hanshaw is an incredible bodybuilder who is proudly sponsored by IForce Nutrition. He started training as a bodybuilder following a shoulder injury that ended his hockey playing days. In the beginning he was just competing to keep his need for competition satisfied but it quickly became his passion. After being sponsored by IForce Nutrition, along just nine months of training with Dante Trudel, using his very effective DC training method, he went on to winning the 2008 NPC Border States overall title! Now he continues to "grow" with success, becoming one of the top victors of NPC's USA contest! His success has evolved from the many great benefits of this amazingly synergistic stack!

    Click HERE to learn more about Dusty Hanshaw.

    NutraPlanet and iForce Nutrition are teaming up to bring you the most comprehensive stack to get your intensity, drive, and fat burning furnace in high gear: Introducing The Dusty Hanshaw Super Stack only at NutraPlanet! Pick it up today and SAVE OVER 53%!!!

    Pick up The Dusty Hanshaw Super Stack today and SAVE HUGE on 3 of IForce's HOTTEST products!

    Each Stack Includes the Following:

    Maximize V2 (570 grams): Maximize was designed to insure that you will NEVER have a bad workout again. The key to Maximize's effectiveness is that this innovative supplement addresses the body's energy systems, both physical and mental. Rest assured nothing compares to the raw power of Maximize.

    TT-33 (120 caps): Specifically engineered with one purpose in mind, increase the actions of the bodies key fat burning mechanisms. This potent thermogenic shift will transform your body from a soft, lipogenic (fat storing) state, to a rock hard, human blast furnace! Don't settle for jittery stimulants that burn muscle tissue and can cause headaches and anxiety, use the NEXT generation of fat loss.

    Hemavol (160 tabs): Specifically engineered to generate skin splitting muscle pumps and myofibrallar plasma volumization. With Hemavol's revolutionary hemodynamic technology, your workouts may NEVER be the same!
    Nice Products, Nice Prices, Nice People, No!....Welcome to our World!

  2. This is an awesome deal! Dusty used this stack for his whole prep for the Jr Nationals and the USA's.

    Here is a vid of him talking about the products:

    [nomedia=""]YouTube- ‪iFORCE Videos - DUSTY HANSHAW 12 Weeks Out 2010 USA‬‎[/nomedia]
    iForce Nutrition Sponsored Athlete

  3. I really like that add picture!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

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