Apidoxil Sample Review

  1. Apidoxil Sample Review

    got a 7 day sample run of apidoxil

    Energy is INTENSE....I could only take one pill at a time
    At two pills i would have a slight chest discomfort, i believe this may be from the yohimbine....I have never had a product with it in before, but i know chest pain is a possible side

    Energy of two pills is on par with OEP but I just couldnt take the chest discomfort it freaked me out

    I did take it with 1 g green tea extrac (45% EGCG) for what its worth

    Im not into fatburners really i just try them here and there cuz i work at the "Three letter" chain so i like to be able to provide feedback for customers

    I cant comment on fatburning effects after only seven days

    Should be a great product if u can handle yohimbine hcl

  2. thanks for the review! I usually do 1 cap, if I do two its before a meal, if you take it before a meal you should get no discomfort.
    iForce Nutrition Sponsored Athlete

  3. What kind of chest discomfort did you notice? Tightness, heaviness, burning, etc. Also, do you have any pre-existing cardiac problems like high blood pressure?

    Thats for the solid review, much appreciated!

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  4. A little tightness, maybe a tiny bit of pain, no history of blood pressure/cholesterol problems family history yes, but they are overweight, i am not lol

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