Hemavol Sample Review

  1. Hemavol Sample Review

    First off thanks to IForce for letting me try this product. Got in five days worth of samples so I took them M-F.

    Pump 7/10- I really have never gotten great pumps out of pwo products, but surprisingly this gave me some good clean pumps. Nothing to painful but definatly noticeable.

    Vascularity 10/10- WOW. I have never been as vascular as I have been when I was taking the hemavol. Took it about 30 minutes before the gym and about ten minutes later my forearms were veiny as s***.

    Endurance 8/10- What I really liked about this is that my muscles never really got tired. Felt like i could go all day in the gym.

    Drive 9/10- Just seemed a little extra motivated this week, maybe its cuz the beach is right around the corner.

    Overall 9/10- I really liked hemavol. Nothing to crazy but an overall great pwo product. Would recommend to anyone.

    Thanks again to IForce

  2. Thanks for the feedback man. I really like Hemavol and it gets great feedback from everyone that gives it a try.

  3. Awesome, thanks for the review! Much appreciated and as long as you are honest, that's all that matters. Glad you like.

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

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