Adipoxil- 3 Day Sample Review

  1. Adipoxil- 3 Day Sample Review

    I finished my 3 day sample of Adipoxil yesterday, and have to say for just 3 days I'm very impressed. I'm currently running OEP and took the 3 days off to give the adipoxil a test drive. I took the Adipoixl 2 caps in the am and 2 caps in the pm each day as directed by the sample packs. I felt the adipoxil was better than my oep for appetite suppression, energy, and thermogenesis. I felt less hungry, had more energy, and sweat more during these 3 days so to me it was a clear winner. The energy levels on this product were extremely great, loved the way I felt while taking these samples. The first evening I took this product I really noticed the thermogenic properties while laying in bed lol thought I wasnt going to be able to sleep because I was sweating so much.

    Only negative I have to report on this product was that the mailman must not have been too gentle with my shipment because all of my pills were crushed and busted, luckily the sample were individually packed so I could still down the proper serving by just dumping the pack in my mouth and washing it down, but be prepared if this happens to any of you other samplers because you can definately tell cayenne pepper is used in the adipoxil so be ready for a little spice and burn lol.

    I would like to thank I-force for the samples and I'm definately planning to use this product for my next cut, so if your looking for a fat burner everyone definately give Adipoxil a look it works great and has an amazing profile.

  2. Awesome review! Thank you

  3. Damn mail company breakin pills! lol, thanks for the review bro, appreciate it!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  4. criticalbench & i-force thanks for the comments,i think I-force puts out some great products and i was happy to get a chance to try some of them out.

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