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    Cellucor product look underdosed.... Fuccoxanthin should easily be dosed close to 500mgs....and thats only if its been standardized ....I havent seen many companies that come close to this effective range....which is a shame because it makes ur fat cells practically incinerate themselves b/c they act like brown fat......

    Alll i want in a fatburner
    HIGH doses
    1000 mg Green tea standardized 45% EGCG
    500 mg Xanthigen
    2 g yohimbine (not just yohimbe)
    effective dose of Caspimax
    1g Omega-3
    200-300 mg Standarized Gymenea sylvestre
    (insert ur favorite energy supplement here)

    Taken before meals and workouts

  2. They will shortly. Our products will be debuting in the top 400 stores nationwide

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    I know its kind of disapointing but then again not a whole lot of studies are done in ppl too.....oh well scratch it for now...

    Im going to invent little machines that just go in ur body and zap fat cells....kinda like those things in that will smith movie I robot or whatever lol


  4. You can test it on me!!


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