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  1. Quote Originally Posted by dusty View Post
    has anyone gotten their samples yet?
    I just got mine yesterday, I had giving up on it lol thought maybe mine was lost in the mail but nope it arrived! Good stuff too.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by iForce View Post
    I need 20 people who want to try a 3 day sample of the greatest fat burner to ever be released, Adipoxil.

    So far we have had users test/compare it to the best known fat burners available: Oxy Elite Pro, EC, Slim Xtreme, Clen. Every tester has agreed that Adipoxil has better appetite suppression than SX, better energy + thermogenic action than OEP, more fat loss than EC, and a far stronger thermgenic effect than Clen(clen still wins on enough energy to make a grown man cry however lol)

    Ok I dont know how awesome u realize some of these ingredients are

    Yohimbine HCL- I believe this blocks a receptor on fat cells, allowing for the release of NE to increase fat burning

    Cayenne Pepper- increases pre and post calorie burning..depending on extract can b 3- 12x more

    Fucoxanthin, 10%- one of the MOST underated fatburnering extracts EVER....it manipulates fat cells to behave more like brown fat, brown fat is actually responsible for burning fat cells....u lose almost all of ur brown fat as u age


    I probably missed the give away but I can throw my name in anyway

    12% bf
    I have only tried samples of fat burners before but they include
    Muscle Ignitors
    Zenadrin rfx
    Ripped Freak
    Lipo 6x

    To Date the most intense intense energy I ever felt was OEP....I took two pills in the free sample pack they sent for employees to try ( it was before breakfast on an empty stomach) and I Litterally felt like I was on crack the first hour at work....i had to force myself to slow down because I was having trouble counting money faster then i could handle it lol.....pretty cool feeling

    I actually got the most thermo feeling out of Cytolean and Methylburn oddly

  3. yepp...i missed it....again...no luck... FML....

  4. I'll get samples to you this week. PM me your info + email address.

  5. I haven't gotten mine yet

  6. how many people have gotten their samples so far? dont mean to be pushy or anything on account were getting to sample this for free

  7. We sent all of them out at the same time. No idea why some don't have them
  8. Exclamation

    Quote Originally Posted by dusty View Post
    how many people have gotten their samples so far? dont mean to be pushy or anything on account were getting to sample this for free
    I hear you,i have not got mine yet either.

  9. Nor have I

  10. The mailman must not like me

  11. Quote Originally Posted by Marms View Post
    The mailman must not like me
    yeah me too! still nothing.

  12. Were they sent by PONY EXPRESS by any chance?


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