How long is too long???

  1. How long is too long???

    So Ive been taking DTH for about 31 days now and am about done with all my Hdrol PCT and I am wondering about the cycle reccomended for DTH. It says to cycle 5 on 2 off every week.

    My question is Ive been taking 2-4/day without cycling off and am noticing a sigificant increase in lethargy. Its really hard for me to get going in the morning and Im sleeping way more than ususal.

    Could this be from not cycling the DTH as reccomneded???

    Im gonna take at least 2 days off the DTH at this point to see if this helps. I just wanted some of your guys opinions on this.


    Oh yeah, I just recieved my JP8 and NOS ETHER Level 1 today and cant wait to try them tomorrow!!!

  2. I got some what lethargic from DTH/Sunami, but I wasn't in PCT like you. However, I got excellent results from my ride with the stack, and I feel it was just among other things an elevation in gh release, as I slept like a baby on it and recovery was outstanding. Once I hit the gym, it was all good. You are seriously gonna love JP8, it's even way more effective when DTH is in the mix. I can't really compare it to anything out there, as that's not even remotely fair to JP8. I was able to lower my dose of it because of the synergy of it and DTH. Overall, I didn't and still don't view the lethargy as a bad thing, given the results I achieved. I just countered it with a quick nap here and there. Good luck!!

  3. Right on. I got your PM and you might have a point there too.

    What time is reccomeded for the last PM dose of DTH. I ask b/c I get home around midnight from work and take my last pill then. But then I seem to sleep all day the next morning. Thats more along the lines of the lethargy I was referring to. Sorry for the misleading info.

    So is DTH dosing in a sense the same as a PH as in you dont want to take it after 6 or 8 pm???


  4. It varied for me, but Chuck and Trip are real helpful with getting it nailed down, as well as other members on this forum. That's how you know something works, when so many people have good quality input on it. I took my doses in the morning before food, and before I worked out, about an hour before. I found I was able to up my carbs and not have any undesirable effects, and it made everything better from that point on. That was when I was working out around 2 or 4 in the afternoon. I've also dosed it before bed as of late, and it seems to keep me up for about an hour, then it's lights out for a great nights sleep. 2 per day is plenty for me, occasionally, I may go 3-4, but I can't do that for more than a couple of days before the lethargy really hits me. 2 is the sweet spot for me that doesn't hit me real bad with the lethargy and doesn't require me to take some kinda stim to function throughout the day prior to workouts. I would say up your carbs, if you can/want to, and even time that around your doses, like the label says and do that with some carbs. Once I upped my carbs, everything seemed to fall into place much easier. Actually, it wasn't as much upping them as timing them. DTH just isn't only a test booster in the sense, it is pretty much a complete package. I'm sure you'll get some more advice as well. Good luck!!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by TheBreeze View Post
    Right on. I got your PM and you might have a point there too.

    What time is reccomeded for the last PM dose of DTH. I ask b/c I get home around midnight from work and take my last pill then. But then I seem to sleep all day the next morning. Thats more along the lines of the lethargy I was referring to. Sorry for the misleading info.

    So is DTH dosing in a sense the same as a PH as in you dont want to take it after 6 or 8 pm???

    The lethargy could be from the GH boost. I often took mine pre-bed, and had nice deep sleep and didn't notice it lasting too long, but if you find it makes you groggy then try taking it earlier.

  6. Thanks guys, I will definately try upping my carbs a bit. Do you guys think NOW CarboGain is a good source of carbs seeing as its made of complex carbs mostly???

    Also, I didnt take any doses of DTH other than my 2 this be honest now I dont know if I took any today at all??? Either way, Im really looking foreward to waking up more rested tomorrow and hitting the gym with the JP8/DTH/NOS ETHER Level 1 combo. Any suggestions on how to dose the Nos Ether. The bottle says a scoop before and right after workouts. And off days to take a scoop 6-8hrs after the first. To me that seems like a lot on a off day? Anyone have any experience with any other dosing protocols. Itd be greatly appreciated.

    Well Im off to bed, gotta try to cool off now after work.

    Thanks in advance for all your guys help. The people on this site are so knowledgeable, theyre the best.

  7. Glad to hear your enjoying it, I know it makes a big difference for me. As for the NOS Ether 1 dosing, I'd say try it, and if it works for you, cool, if not, then see what might work best. Chuck is usually pretty spot on with his directions, however, every body is kinda different. It looks like very good instructions for someone who is working out consistently and hard. As for the carbs, you could get CarboGain if you want, but I'd just get more fruit and whole grains. Thanks and good luck!!

  8. So I tried the JP8/NOS Ether Level 1/DTH all together today, and didnt really notice too much of a difference. My stomach was a little upset and Ive been real gassy all day but other than that it wasnt a 'bad' day by any means.

    I do have 1 question. Can I mix the JP8 and the NOS ETHER in the same bottle and drink it all at once or is that not a good idea??? I mixed it with water and the JP8 tasted pretty bad but the nos ether was actually kind of stimulating with how sour it was. I love sour candy so thats a hit with me for sure. The only thing was there were little grains or something in both containers and neither compound completely dissolved.

    All in all, Im looking foreward to my second day on the stack to see what it was that made my stomach hurt. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

  9. Oh yeah I failed to mention...without taking the PM dose of DTH around midnight I woke up around 8 and felt pretty good. Got right out of bed and got moving. Was at the gym by about 10am.

    I like DTH cause I know its working. I set a new personal best on flat bench on monday without even trying. I added 2 more reps to my set of 225 which used to only be 9 or 10x. I pounded out 12 like it was nothing. So I definately want to find my sweet spot with the DTH everyone keeps raving about.

  10. Nice!! Good updates. Any stuff hits me pretty fast, so I can down a pre-workout supp and be feeling it in like 10-15 mins. With Jp8 though, I make sure I have some slow carbs and protein like about an hour before though, and it's all good. I actually mix JP8 now with half grape juice and half water.

  11. So my workout this morning was pretty good considering there was someone on the leg extension every time I went over there to use it.

    Im not sure if it was from the JP8 or what but I wasnt resting as long as usual between my sets. I defintaely noticed this while doing stiff leg deadlifts. It was like my body wanted to keep resting but my mind was telling me to do the next set fairly quickly.
    If this is from the JP8 I like it. Hopefully I can keep the lengh of my gym times down and find more time and energy to start running again.

    So far after only 2 days of the combo, the only negative thing Ive noticed from this stack is a few hours after I get home from working out I am really tired. Im forcing myself to stay awake today to see what happens. But yesterday I was almost late for work cause I fell asleep on the couch.

    I think I really need to invest in some good carbohydrate sources. Perhaps that would help with the sleepiness post workout.

  12. I would try a small bottle of gatorade post-workout, and see if that helps. Most gyms stock it, and it won't break the bank. It's fast carbs and electrolytes. You'll pretty much know if it helped or not, instead of spending money on a tub of something. When I'm cutting down, I have to have some carbs after working out, and some slow ones before. When your in PCT, your trying to keep all your gains, so you still kinda have to eat like you did before PCT to support everything you've added, perhaps just cleaner. The energy for me lasts 4-6 hours from JP8, depending on how intense my workout was. It's a gradual taper down, never a crash.

  13. Well, Ive already picked up a jug of CarboGain for a decent price. But that will last me a LONG time so Im not worried about that.

    As far as the crashing goes, that is kind of what it feels like though. I mean I workout between 8 and 11 I get home shower and go eat lunch with my girl at her work then come home around 1pm and I wanna just sleep for a while.

    The main reason I am curious about this is because Ive been using SuperPump250 for the past 6months or so and 1/2 scoop keeps me going all friggin day with no problem. Is this b/c JP8 contains no caffeine???

    Also, what category of supplement is JP8 and NOS ETHER Level 1 considered. Are they NO products, creatine, caffeine...Im just wondering. Cause Ive been telling people what Im taking but dont know what to call it.


  14. JP8 has like 150 mg's of caffeine, Chuck was kind enough to make sure that was on the label. Compared to other pre-workouts, that's nothing. When I was on DTH, I grabbed like 2 15-20 min. naps during the day, and I was fine after that.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by subweevil View Post
    JP8 has like 150 mg's of caffeine, Chuck was kind enough to make sure that was on the label. Compared to other pre-workouts, that's nothing. When I was on DTH, I grabbed like 2 15-20 min. naps during the day, and I was fine after that.
    Thanks, I didnt even notice that on the nutrition facts at all.

    But I just took my JP8 a little bit ago and I mixed it with some purple Vitamin Water and it was by far the worst tasting/textured preworkout drink Ive ever had. I was coughing so hard trying to get it down I though I was gonna throw up. It felt like the powder was stuck in my throat and I was choking on it. I dont know what I did wrong???

    Im gonna try to scoop up some 100% grape juice later today to see if that mixes up any better. If that doesnt work I dont think I will continue using the JP8 simply b/c of the taste. The bad thing is I liked what it did for my workout yesterday. It helped me push myself a little harder and faster than normal.

    I really hope I can figure something out with this stuff cause everyone is raving about it on this forum so Im sure its a quality supplement.

    But Im heading to the gym shortly for arm day so Ill post how it goes later.

    I really want to keep using GetDeisel products not only b/c theyre good quality but b/c Chuck and Tripdog are so helpfull with their advice and expertice. To me that make a good, reputable company. Someone who stands behind their product.
    So wish me luck.

  16. Grape juice has helped all my buddies I shined on to it, I don't use all grape juice, but to each their own. It's kinda funny when you consider how much caffeine is disclosed for JP8, makes you wonder how much is in the other supps out there. Good luck!!

  17. Well then it sounds like Id definately gonna need to get some grape juice sooner than later.

    As far as todays workout is concerned, it was amazing. Within minutes after my first set I was in the zone and stayed there till I was done with arms an hour later. I had a great pump! It was so good I was having a hard time putting my headphones back in my ears cause I couldnt bend my arms enough.

    I got home about 1:15 so I will have to wait and see if I feel sleepy today at all. I have a feeling Im gonna be okay though.

    I hope grape juice solves the problem b/c if I can workout like today everyday I will definately put on some serious mass.


  18. Sure thing, good luck!!

  19. So I mixed my JP8 with straight 100% grape juice on tuesday and I must say I was a lot better than mixing it with water. It wasnt good by any means but it was definately something I can drink untill the jug is empty. I guess Im just kinda partial to the sweeter drinks out there. I was using SuperPump250 for a long time, the blue raspberry flavor and to me that was very tasty. Mostly b/c I like the sour taste it gives.

    The only bad thing I have to say about tuesdays workout was that I wasnt really feeling a huge pump like I did on Saturday. Maybe b/c my workout on Sat was SO good itll be hard to match but thats what Chuck seems to bring to the game in my opinion. Hardcore products for hardcore results.

    Perhaps the reason I didnt feel super pumped up was,
    1. because I only drank the JP8 about 35 to 45 mins prior to hitting the gym.
    2. becuase I ate a chicken sandwich from wendys like 10 mins after I downed the JP8.
    (Dont hate me for eating fast food. My girl loves it and she bought it for me when I met her for lunch. Everyone knows its hard to say no to a beautiful woman. Especially when shes offering food. LOL)

    Other than that the stack is going pretty well. Ive mixed in some carbogain once or twice a day and its really helping with the post workout crash.

    But I didnt make it to the gym this morning so I need to wake up early to slam some steel in the AM to make up for my laziness today. I feel like such a slob when I dont workout like Im supposed to.

    Thanks for reading my long a$$ post, Im off to bed now.

    Peaceout... Happy lifting:dl:


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