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Slin-Sane Overview
The progression of performance and the maximization of health begin with nutrition, and every calorie counts when you’re expected to be at your best. With the aid of SLIN-SANE V2’s comprehensive ingredient profile, you can systemically manage these calories more efficiently by promoting cellular health, dispelling free radicals, and mimicking insulin.

The profound physiological effects of insulin have long been realized. Insulin release is stimulated in the pancreas simply by ingesting any form of carbohydrates, certain amino acids, or the combination of both. SLIN-SANE V2 was designed to amplify cellular uptake of glucose and amino acids through multiple pathways similar to, and in conjunction with, insulin. The result is a more healthful you, capable of accomplishing any objective, whether athletic or everyday.

Slin-Sane v2 Overview:
• Supports and Improves a healthy immune system (Na-R-ALA)
• Provides cardio- and neuro-protective effects (Jiaogulan)
• Delays exercise-induced fatigue (Jiaogulan)
• Increases skeletal muscle glycogen (Jiaogulan)
• Potent ROS scavenging ability (Jiaogulan)
• Increases nitric oxide, aiding in pump and vascularity (Norvaline)
• Lowers blood glucose response to feeding (Banaba, Na-R-ALA)
• Reduces fasting glucose, insulin, triglycerides, FFA’s, CRP and A1C (Banaba)
• Increases insulin sensitivity and GLUT4 translocation (Banaba)
• Increases adiponectin (Banaba)

Label directions:
Take 1 capsule, one to two times per day, on an empty stomach, 20 minutes prior to a meal that contains NO LESS that 25 grams of carbohydrates.

Team directions (learned through trial, error, and anecdotal feedback):
This will vary from team member to team member; one capsule will cover between 50 and 100g of CHO, easily. The fasted pre-bed dose is still as popular as with the OGSS.

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