Fat Loss Stack - Salvia Dosing

  1. Fat Loss Stack - Salvia Dosing

    What's up good bros at Genomyx? I recognize a few faces as I used to be quite active at a competitors forum a few years ago. Love the line-up and what you guys are doing.

    Anyway, I am running a fat loss stack for the first time ever and as part of it I purchased Slin Sane V2 which came bundled with the Salvia. I've read the Salvia thread, but before that knew nothing about it. I'm looking for some dosing help when it comes to Salvia. Below is what I'm running..

    7 Keto- 100mg at 7 a.m. and 100 mg at 7 p.m. May up morning dose.
    Raspberry Ketones- 500mg at 7 a.m. and 500 m.g at 7 p.m.
    Yohimbine- preworkout and still experimenting.. I'm super stim tolerant but its making me wake up during the night although I start the day refreshed I'm not trying to have cold sweats and be in and out of sleep b/c of my career
    Slin Sane v2- with large carb meals outside of postworkout (i don't have many).
    Salvia- ?????

    Due to 7 keto's cortisol blunting ability, I'm trying to keep stimulants away from it since they raise cortisol. I eat IF style, with my first meal coming between noon and 4, usually having two meals and sometimes a snack. I'm 6'1 about 210 right now, with a bodyfat somewhere between 12-14% I'd guess. Looking to get down into single digits. Almost all my carbs come post workout, with some refeeding on the weekends. Thanx bros, keep up the good work.

  2. Salvia is actually quite simple to dose... You can choose to take 2-3 capsules per day and can actually dose a capsule with each of your 7-Keto/RK dosings.

    If you're considering 3 capsules/day, simply take one, at some point, in between your 7-Keto/RK...

    It's best taken about 30-45 minutes before a meal, if that helps you with your timing.
    HYBRID Performance Nutrition
    Mike ~ R/D

  3. Does it make a difference to time it with/without food?
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by OrganicShadow View Post
    Does it make a difference to time it with/without food?
    Unless you're using it specifically for fat loss, not really.
    HYBRID Performance Nutrition
    Mike ~ R/D

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Smitty77 View Post
    Unless you're using it specifically for fat loss, not really.
    now thats good to know!
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