The Beauty Among the Beasts: 7 Weeks Until Redemption

  1. The Beauty Among the Beasts: 7 Weeks Until Redemption

    Welp, I have reached the half way mark in my pre-contest preparation for NPC’s 2012 Jr. National Championships where I hope to achieve a spot in the top ranks of the E Class for Women’s Figure. My typical previous contest preparations have always been 14 week protocols. The first 2 weeks I use as a “getting back into the swing of things” phase in which I get my internal fire started again. By this of course I mean, revving my metabolism back up to greet my 6 meal a day regime with open arms!

    Current weight: 158
    Height: 5’7

    Here is my current protocol for my progression at 7 weeks out:

    Cardiovascular output: 120 minutes daily (40 minutes fasted [AM])
    Trainging split: Mon – Shoulders/tris/chest, Tue- Legs, Wed- OFF, Thur – Back/bis, Fri- Shoulders, Sat – Legs (mostly glute/ham oriented), Sun- OFF
    (Before meal 1 prior to my fasted 40 minute AM cardio session, consume 1 serving of Heat and 1 serving of Alpha burn along with 1 scoop of Protocol)
    M1 – 1/2c oats, 1tbs natural peanut butter, 6 egg whites, 1 serving Gut Health, 1 serving DCP
    M2 – 5oz chicken breast, greens, 1 serving Krillipid
    M3 – 5oz tilapia, greens, 4oz yams, 1 serving Gut Health, 1 serving Heat, 1 serving Alphaburn
    M4- 5oz chicken breast, greens, 1 serving Krillpid (Since this is typically my pre-workout meal, I will also consume 1 serving of Slin-Sane along with 1 scoop of Glycemyx blended with 1 scoop of Protocol)
    M5 – 4oz salmon, greens
    M6- 2 scoops Whey Isolate, 10 raw almonds, 1 serving Gut Health, 1 serving DCP

    This nutrition and supplement plan is helping me achieve my goals by keeping my muscle bellies full and rounded throughout the days of my ever-increasing calorie deficit. The improvements I wanted to make during my off-season where to add size to my deltoids, thickness to my back while consistently isolating/strengthening my glutes. My idea is to present a softer yet tight presentation - No string bean physiques this season, folks! My efforts in accomplishing these goals were greatly assisted by my team, Genomyx. For starters, Protocol is by far one of the most useful weapons in the Genomyx arsenal to any athlete or health enthusiast. This powder blend of BCAAs enhances recovery and kick starts protein synthesis. The probiotic, Gut Health, is a very essential component of my nutrition plan because it helps me absorb and utilize the nutrients more effectively to sustain my muscle mass while reaching optimal levels of conditioning. As well as absorption plays a key role, so does the partitioning of the nutrients to the muscles themselves. That’s where Slin-Sane comes in. Slin-Sane (pre-workout) is taken with 40g of carb powder (Glycemyx) to be shuttled directly into my muscle during my intensive, glycogen depleting training sessions. This is where my muscles need nourishment the most. Though this current regime I am following requires more cardiovascular output than I have ever endured in previous preparations (past preps called for 60 minutes), I have avoided the crashes and stayed thermogenic by stacking Genomyx’s two fat-burning supplements, Alphaburn and Heat. Combining these two products has given me optimal results both physically and mentally. My energy levels are consistent and though by carbohydrate intake is minimal at this phase of my diet, I have been successfully completing my training/cardio sessions without the sluggish, zombie-mode feeling that most competitors feel during phases of depletion. Complimenting this is my little warrior, DCP. This product is composed of 3-thia fatty acids which increases mitochondrial activity, furthermore enhancing energy/recovery. Hormone regulation, especially being a female on a strict diet program, is often overlooked and very critical as well. For this reason, I take 2 servings of Krillipid daily along with my other fat sources to regulate my hormone processes and keep me anabolic.

    Though I have reached my half-way point in this preparation, there is still a lot of work to be done! I am weighing 5lbs heavier than in my previous preparation at this phase and am more conditioned. The scale is by no means the sure-proof method of measuring progress and adaptations however it is a useful tool in managing improvements from previous contest preps. The mirror is your go-to!

    More updates to follow, happy training everyone!!! Be sure to stop by my Athletes page on Facebook for tips, pictures and training breakdown

    Katelyn Aseltine

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    "Perfection is not the goal, but accepting is. The more you accept about yourself, the better you will feel. That most certainly includes accepting your dark places, your perceived weaknesses, and allowing them to be while loving yourself all the more."

  2. Going to dominate Kate
    Hybrid Performance Nutrition

  3. In for the 7 weeks until redemption!
    Starting weight- 4/06- 245 LBS after birth of 2nd child
    Now 151 22.9% BF

  4. When your that motivated and your diet is as on point as yours. Extreme results are bound to happen.

    Keep out working everyone!



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