Thanks Genomyx!

  1. Thanks Genomyx!

    5 weeks left till competition, kicking the fat burning up a notch with the sick Genomyx Stack + TTA and Clen of course . Really excited to get this going, just figured out dosing protocols yesterday. Doing Eviscerate in the morning and Abliderate at night, if this should be reversed let me know.

  2. Dsade likes Abliderate in the AM, to deal with the morning cortisol spike, so thats what I did, and like it

    Eviscerate can be applied 2x/day, if they are 8-10 hours apart.

    Good luck on the competition dude, your gonna kill it!

  3. I have multiple bottles of all those supplements. Good stuff, you're gonna love it!!

  4. That should treat you very nicely. Let us know how it goes!

  5. Awesome man..

    Abliterate, Eviscerate are in must, in every contest prep of mine. Deciding on which to add, alpha burn or heat right now!
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  6. First dose of AB last night, went to sleep like a baby. I reckon 3 caps are probably the equivalent of like 10-15mg caffeine right? Decided to dose AB pre bed as that seems to work best with my eating schedule. Trying to make sure i get at least 90 minutes before dose, and then another 90+ minutes before eating again.

  7. Clenviscerate awesome stack
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by vicesoldier View Post
    Clenviscerate awesome stack
    Always wanted to try this and never have. Ah well, maybe one of these days....

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Geoforce View Post
    Always wanted to try this and never have. Ah well, maybe one of these days....
    border run LOL
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