Slin sane dose

  1. Slin sane dose

    So if ones lab rats were taking ghrp/Cjc combo 3times daily followed up with a meal with carbs 20-25 min post . when does one administer slin sane. ? How many min prior or post injec should slin sane be dosed. To create a similar situation to gh and insulin stack. Recomp. Time for the rats.

  2. I thought peptide dose five min later slin sane dose? What do you think

  3. This is an interesting situation... GHRP being what it is and inciting natural GH production, and Slin-Sane being what it is and inciting GH production at times during the day (notably during training and during sleep)... combining the two seems almost optimal.

    In this case, I would take the SS about 10 mins. before the injection and be sure you eat no more than 20 mins. following the injection... Be sure to also use a SS consistently before bed on an empty stomach.
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