Arnold Review

  1. Arnold Review

    Doors opened at 10:30 and by 10:35, the aisles were PACKED and already stilted. We had planned over 1500 samples for the day, but were entirely depleted by around 2:30.

    Slinsane and our DCP stock sold out entirely by 2:30 and those lucky enough to pick up Abliderate Advanced were extremely happy.

    Our "sponsored" athlete, Josh Bowmar (who I had worked with for the final 3 weeks of prep, with Eviscerate, Abliderate Advanced, Thermoguym, Java Lather, and Renegade (for confidence)) took the trophy for Best Overall Men's Physique.

    The sheer number of fans we talked to at the booth was insane, as people overwhelmingly recognized Slinsane, Eviscerate, Java Lather, Alphaburn, Gut Health, and Atomic Meltdown.

    I love my job, and I love the industry.

    Creativity overall (not Genomyx) was a bit stagnant, with the exception of Smart Powders ( who really upped their game with their gym bag quality, Flurry RTD protein (which they were offering at $1), and Quest bars.

    I'll report back tomorrow as Christine and I are able to explore the rest of the showroom floor.

  2. Cool stuff, keep us updated Matt!

  3. Nice meeting you.. thanks for the abliterate advanced.. loving it so far. Use a TON of your stuff.. at least 3 bottles of eviscerate and 2 abliterate in past two contest preps.

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

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